Aquarius Horoscope September

Good omens in your love life throughout the month - Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for September 2020

If you socialize enough and open up to experiencing new things, you'll do a lot better both at work and in your personal life

Love: Anything is possible

Aquarius, your love prediction for September reveals that the first two weeks will be marked by the arrival of Venus to your sky, which will give want to a very sheltered period in your love life. Being Venus the goddess of love, anything will be possible for you this month.

If you're in a relationship you will be happy, but this astral aspect will be most beneficial for those who are single and to whom Venus will offer a thrilling encounter which, in some cases, might result in a great love story.

During the last two weeks your romantic area will be full of numerous planets who will give you a lively love life. Surrounded by planetary movements which propitiate great love, you’ll find it hard to escape Cupid’s arrows.

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Work: Being open to new experiences is essential

At work, this month you’ll notice that there’s always room to experiment with something new, even within the most rigid of daily routines. Therefore, over the first two weeks, you should ensure you give yourself a chance to experience new things.

You might even incorporate this exercise of expanding your horizons into your work life. How? Well, you could, for example, have lunch at a new place, introduce yourself to someone who works in another department, send an email to a contact you’ve wanted to connect with.

Socializing is the key, up until the 15th, which you’ll spend re-evaluating what you truly want and, towards the 19th of September you’ll have to focus on finding the best way of achieving what you want.

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Health: Be mindful in your self-care

In terms of your health, during September the most important thing for you will be to sleep well, eat well and exercise, especially if you’ve been under a lot of stress or pressure. Keep an eye on these things first and foremost.

Aside from this, if you’ve been doing everything correctly and still don’t feel well, it might be time to consult a specialist.

From the 16th onwards, taking long walks in a natural environment will be fundamental fresh air and some peace and quiet will do you a world of good.