Aquarius March on a sky background with shooting stars

A lot of energy will move this month - Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for March 2021

All areas of your life will be shaken by strong movements, a lot of work and great romantic passion

Love: New passions arise

Aquarius’s horoscope for March promises to be rather prosperous, plus, springtime is the season of love. However, you need to be careful because an all-consuming passion might take your life by storm, which could change all of your plans.

Aquarius who are in a relationship, on the other hand, will see themselves and their partner each defend their own personal space. The horoscope can only advise you to avoid extremes and to try and find commitments in all situations.

On the other hand, in your family this will be a good month to find common ground and build a path to follow together, where the opinion of every family member counts.

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Money: Considerable increase in your workload

On a professional level, the presence of Mercury, which, according to the horoscope, will be in Aquarius during the beginning of March, will also contribute to an increase in your income, and your professional activity in general.

Aquarius can safely close contracts during the first ten days of March, things can’t go wrong. Otherwise, the recognition that’s rightfully yours will end up being given to someone else.

Plus, by the end of the last ten days of March you’ll be very prone to clashes, due to which you’d be better off closing deals and negotiations as soon as possible.

Health: Energetic and mental fatigue

When it comes to your health, the horoscope foretells that some will be able to achieve all of their goals, but this will require a great loss of energy, emotional and physical strength, time and material resources.

Such a hectic rhythm can negatively affect your health. And those who are mentally unstable will be at risk of suffering a nervous crisis. In order to avoid this, especially during the full moon, you need to limit your actions.

Resting more or spending your free time exercising or practising your favourite hobby, or talking to your loved one, will do you a world of good. By the end of March, Aquarius will be able to face feelings and turn their lives around in the right direction. The sextile of Venus and Saturn will help you in this regard.

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