The Aquarius sign in white on a black starred background

It's a month of intense emotions - Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

During this month you'll go through intense experiences in almost every area of your life

Love: You’ll start seeing old flames again

Aquarius is one of the zodiac signs that is most favoured by the stars during this month of January. Plus, from the beginning of 2021, Jupiter highlights different past problems and debts, which it will also help you sort out.

On the other hand, Aquarius will make the most of Jupiter’s transit through their house of marriage and relationships, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if we receive a wedding invitation from our Aquarius friends.

Single Aquarius are likely to start going out again with old flames, even if it’s clear that they’re not a couple and if they decide to just be friends. In spite of this, you’ll feel an irresistible pull to experience experiences shared with these people once again.

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Money: Your work will be appreciated

In your professional life, the horoscope predicts that you’ll work a lot; you wish to learn and you’re willing to offer all of your available resources in order to climb to the top in the professional ladder.

At the same time, a series of opportunities will arise during the first part of the year. If you want to be self-employed, this January 2021 is the ideal time to start.

You’ll have the necessary optimism, enthusiasm and energy to perform well at work. You will also be greatly appreciated by your bosses and colleagues, which will make your job much easier while making you feel valued.

Health: Your level of vitality will be low

When it comes to your health, Pluto is traveling through the XII house of your sign, it’s a transit that determines that you’ll feel, on a subconscious level, the need to live intense experiences, mostly on your own.

On the other hand, your form and vitality are also likely to be a bit low, but without health problems.  You simply have to pay more attention so you can cover any potential nutritional deficiencies and prevent illnesses before they appear at the same time.

Remember that a low-fat diet, together with regular exercise, is essential in order to prevent circulation problems. You won’t need to turn to medicine in order to improve, but you might benefit from alternative therapies.

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