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Important decisions will mark this month - Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for February 2021

This month won't go unnoticed, as you'll go through many decisive moments

Love: Important decisions

The month of February presents a very good atmosphere for love.  However, some Aquarius will have to be patient in order to see what’s affecting them in their relationship and, thus, clear things out as soon as possible. If you’ve been trying to tackle certain subjects for a while, now’s the time.

Don’t dally looking for definitions, your relationship isn’t going through its best moment and it will be better for both to take a step back for a while, so you can sort out your feelings. Be honest with yourself and conduct a fair self-evaluation if you want to change things.

However, if you’re falling in love, you shouldn’t try to escape this feeling that will become ever stronger. Your infatuation with this person will be fulminating, enjoy it without fear and without holding back. If you resist it, you’ll probably regret it in the future.

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Money: You expand your areas of influence

When it comes to your job, the month of February is ideal to network, learn new techniques and to grow and think. It won’t be a good time to lay down roots or expect great results.

This will come later, once you’ve investigated the opportunities the exist in your profession.  Sometimes you’ll be right, others you’ll make mistakes, and eventually you’ll achieve what you set out to.

You’ll make money almost exclusively through intellectual tasks or buy and sell transactions. Those who are employed won’t have the upper hand, although you’ll soon achieve improvements.

Health: Nervousness and anxiety

When it comes to your health, the Universe allows you to express your love potential through your behaviour, and your words, as indicated by Mercury in your sign. On their part, Mars and Uranus might make you nervous at home or in your personal life.

These planetary aspects might make your health a bit shaky, if you can’t restrain your passion and properly handle your feelings. It’s a month to work on yourself, on your wants and struggles.

Lastly, you’ll be well physically, but your nerves might cause minor problems such as muscle pain, headaches and trouble falling asleep. Nothing serious, but very annoying, so you’ll have to pay attention to the symptoms in order to alleviate them.

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