The Aquarius zodiac sign with a starred background

You can expect great achievements and benefits - Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for December 2020

It will be a very hectic month in all areas of your life, therefore you should try to keep calm

Love: You’ll celebrate love wherever you go

Your prediction for December says that until the 8th, Aquarius won’t know what course to take in their love lie. But, from there onwards, everything will become a walk in the park for them, they’ll seduce anyone they want, and even people they don’t want to.

Those who still haven’t found their soul mate would do well not to miss great opportunities. From the 24th onwards, when it comes to your sex life and friendships, the atmosphere will change, and all sorts of disputes will start cropping up.

Aquarius will then have to put their ability to handle tricky situations to the test. You won’t leave anything up to chance, as your attitude will be key during this moment of hectic activity.

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Work: Your close friendships matter

When it comes to your professional life, this month of December the best offers will come from your close friends and acquaintances. Unexpected protectors will appear when you least expect them to support important projects.

Either way, Aquarius should avoid dreaming of impossible plans. On the other hand, Aries’s impulse will be decisive for your company to achieve some set goals.

A Capricorn won’t agree with the initiatives of their Aquarius business partner, as they’ll think them inopportune. Together with another Aquarius they’ll try to give their professional activities a new profile.

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Health: You’ll benefit from the planetary energies

In terms of your health, the sun and Mercury in Sagittarius increase your energy levels and favour your personal projects. You will also benefit from the support of Mars in Aries. From the 18th onwards, Saturn and Jupiter settle in your constellation, to give you more fortune.

On the other hand, those born in the last decan will find new momentum while those born in the first will start a promising cycle. A sudden change might take place with regards to your home or your family.

Plus, Venus softens your destiny until the middle of the month, beyond that, harmony will be present. On the 21st, Mercury and the sun enter Capricorn, creating the need for reflection or making you pause so you can keep your balance. Experience this calmly.