Aquarius April on a sky background with shooting stars

This month won't be free from problems - Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for April 2021

At times it will be your love life, others your job, and some your health, you'll have to fight battles in each area

Love: Careful with mistakes

The month of April will be rather complex for Aquarius, because they’ll have a marked tendency to fall into excess and to make mistakes. The only thing that will help them will be to act cleverly to avoid confrontations.

Those who are in a relationship will need to choose dialogue more than once with the aim of shedding light on problems which affect both parties. Avoiding idealization will allow you to enjoy wonderful moments together. This way, your partner will be the strength you need to feel more confident on many occasions.

Those who are single will be willing to enjoy intense love, especially flings.  You’ll just need to be careful not to jeopardize your emotional balance.

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Money: You’ll manage to progress cleverly

On a professional level, Aquarius who are employed will have to be alert and carefully analyse what they truly want before they make a wrong move, any mistakes you make will cost you dearly.

If you handle yourself cleverly, you’ll be in a position to achieve progress, although it will be progressive. Your finances, on the other hand, will go through some ups and downs, so you should try to preserve what you have.

Professional and self-employed Aquarius will encounter multiple opportunities.  They will also increase their power of acquisition as a result of new business deals, so this will be a very fortuitous month for entrepreneurs.

Health: Your immune system will be weak

When it comes to your health, the current astral influences on your sign could weaken your immune system and cause various ailments which are hard to overcome, so you’ll have to keep a close eye on your body.

Under the effect of Pluto, stationed in your area of the subconscious, Aquarius will feel very stirred and, as a result, their central nervous system will become upset.

A good attitude towards the current circumstances will be to take some time to be on your own and listen to your inner voice, which will always end up giving you valuable answers to your personal questions.

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