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It won't be your best year, but it will be better than last year - Aquarius Horoscope 2021

It will be a year with great news, you'll have varied experiences, but they won't necessarily be for the best

Love: Pleasure is found in variety

In 2021 Aquarius will have to keep trusting love, even if there will be no major planets going through their seventh house of marriage and relationships. Likewise, although your social life will follow its natural course, it won’t be the most important thing for you.

However, the sun rules your house of marriage and love, moving through all the signs and other houses throughout the year. If the sun is in a good aspect and is stimulated by other planets, you’ll develop strong connections with others.

If you get stressed out, your social life will become stressful. This means that your relationships will flow differently every month of this year. Likewise, your romantic needs will fluctuate. One month you’ll want to be with someone virtuous and serious and the next you’ll feel you're with someone who is the complete opposite. 

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Money: No major progress

Aquarius’s professional forecast for 2021 doesn’t appear very promising when it comes to business. Aquarius will have to work almost non-stop to achieve success, nothing will be handed to you.

On the other hand, you need to avoid at all costs starting new projects and taking risks. You might get a transfer at work which won’t be beneficial for you in any way. Between April and September, things will improve.

This year’s financial situation is also not looking good. Your source of income will be blocked, not to mention that you won’t be able to earn as much as you’d like to. It’s important for you to pay a lot of attention to your investments because there are great chances of making a loss.

Medical expenses might also crop up. Between April and September, there will be an opportunity to buy a house after a hasty decision. It’s best to be cautious in this respect.

Health: You need to take more care than usual

When it comes to your health, 2021 will start on a low point, under rather unfavourable omens for Aquarius.Saturn and Jupiter will be in the 12th house, which isn’t good from a health perspective.

If you suffer from a chronic illness, things might get worse for you. However, everything will improve after April, but this doesn’t mean you can’t feel healthy if you stick to a good routine and good habits.

From September onwards some respiratory illnesses might crop up. All in all, it won’t be a bad year, but you’ll have to be more careful than usual and, above all, avoid taking risks.

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