The Aquarius sign with a blue background

Don't insist on remaining always the same - Aquarius Horoscope for Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Everything transforms throughout life, due to which, it's absurd to resist change


This is a great day to day with problems in Aquarius’s relationships. Plus, your environment is still in a whirlwind inviting you to go out, experiment and interact with the diversity of the world.

On the other hand, fraternal rapports with relatives and other close ones have two options: Chemistry will happen when you identify the burden you’ve taken from another relative.

What is clear is that you should take the first steps towards your own happiness. Without traveling this path, a single Aquarius will hardly be in a position to find what they’re looking for in love.

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At work, a key moment of information, advise and diffusion will happen. At the same time, communication channels and systems become flexible to allow the incredible flow of ideas you have to come in and out.

You will also notice fluidity in negotiations, payments, offers, benefits, services, training, transfers and transactions. At the same time, conviction, eagerness and persuasion will help you favourably boost your daily affairs.

Those who are self-employed will make decisions regarding how to keep going. If you move with great precision, you’ll be able to sort out a situation or get things back on track.


When it comes to your health, today on a physical level you’ll be very well, although you might have some small muscular discomfort, however, you’ll find quick relief.

On the other hand, on an emotional level, you’ll be fighting a very tough battle. There are things you refuse to change in your personality and letting go is necessary.

Don’t cling to that which stops you from evolving, not matter how comfortable and familiar that behaviour is, if you look back, you’ll see it has never brough anything good into your life.

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