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Your dedication will be key when it comes to love - Aquarius Horoscope for Saturday, January 9, 2021

Remember that you can't keep letting things happen on their own, sometimes they do, but much more often you need to make them happen


This will be a very good day for Aquarius who are in a relationship.  You’ll have your partner’s support and, with their help, you’ll achieve greater wellbeing and happiness. There’s nothing like feeling supported by those you love.

We can summarise that the astrological forecast predicts that today will be a good day for your love life. You’ll strive to strengthen your relationship through a proactive and creative relationship. Remember that this is the key to success,

Those who are single will be very self-confident, with which, if someone who wants to meet you appears, Aquarius, you’ll surely dazzle them with your many attributes.

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Professionally speaking, there are planetary combinations which indicate that Aquarius’s career will take off this year. Nothing will prevent you being exceptional. Basically, this is your year.

You’re likely to start with a salary raise, or with a promotion or expansion of your responsibilities in your company. Your colleagues and partners will advise you and your work will be well-respected.

If you are self-employed, there is a chance of partnering up with someone else, or joining another business aside from your own. Everything indicates that you’re walking towards growth.


When it comes to your health, today will be a day of good health and joy, especially taking into account that your peace of mind will help improve your health noticeably.

However, some deficiencies pave the way for some health problems which could crop up. Perhaps you’ll have to undergo minor surgery, and a better attitude will help you in this.

On the other hand, Aquarius would do well to check their health to see where they’re standing, if they have any deficiencies or if they need to take action.

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