Aquarius Horoscope for Tuesday on a universe background

There's tension and demand in your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Tuesday, February 9, 2021

It's a key moment for the relationships of Aquarius, you're going through a total transformation


Finishing a cycle linked to affection and the way you give and receive pleasure. Problems arise in your love life when they’re unbalanced, because one of you gave more than you received.

Aquarius, take into consideration that, if jealousy, possessiveness or destructive attitudes arise, it’s because the power of love has turned into love of power. This will be more strongly felt by those born in the first decan. Tension and demand in your love life.

If there once was illusion, now disillusionment will follow. Your bond’s level of commitment and surrender is evaluated. Those who are less mature will take refuge behind rejection and mistrust. If you’re trying to mask your feelings, you’ll encounter difficulties.

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Today Aquarius, your strength and initiative are aimed towards your goal. In this aspect, you’ll remodel the structures in your own way. The first rewards that will appear are the result of the effort you’ve made.

On the other hand, independent jobs, new companies and shares will benefit. This is because you put your thoughts into practice quickly, success and projection. You’ll focus on solving a pending or current matter through an elaborate movement.

The key is to make the most of your available resources. Your leadership skills will be enhanced. You have great energy levels to achieve profit, financial movements, assets, acquisitions, job proposals, studies or a better disposition.


When it comes to your health, on a physical level you might experience some mild discomfort which could sour your day, but it won’t be anything major and it won’t get in the way of you doing everything you had planned.

Keep looking after yourself the way you’ve done so far, and if you weren’t looking after yourself, then it’s about time you start doing it and to start trying to prevent illness rather than cure it.

Lastly, Aquarius, on an emotional level you’ll be going through a good moment, due to which you’ll be in good spirits and you’ll be especially calm.

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