Aquarius Friday on a sky background with shooting stars

You'll need some help to move forward - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, April 9, 2021

You should open up and share your feelings with others, and also learn to ask for help


Throughout the day you’ll realize that often you’re to blame for arguments, as you don’t talk about your problems openly. This will be a good start for many Aquarius who were a bit lost in their love lives.

In this sense, many will regret not having prevented certain negative situations, due to which there’s still time to sort things out if you don’t want to go through a rough patch in your relationship.

Single Aquarius are going through a good moment in their love life, it’s a moment of encounters, relationships, marriages, pregnancies and, above all, moments of pleasure.


At work, perhaps those who work from home or who form are a part of a family company won’t feel as bad as all other Aquarius, but either way it will be a rather frustrating day work.

The sign of creativity will feel trapped, victim of a system they’ll find impossible to escape.

You’ll need to be patient, although that quality is not in your nature, as this state of affairs will last a bit longer. Being careful with your interpersonal rapports at work will help.


The seclusion at work will translate as lack of air on a physical level.  Those who have asthma or suffer from claustrophobia will be the most affected. Those who smoke will need to restrain themselves.

In this sense, exercising outdoors will help more than you can possibly think, and so will swimming, an aerobic sport by definition, which is not violent at all.

A brief therapy will help the most introverted, as it will be hard for Aquarius to express their feelings.

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