Aquarius Horoscope Sunday 2020

It's a critical moment for romantic relationships - Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, November 8, 2020

If you like your job, there are great changes coming your way, however, if you don't, you might have to face failure or a loss


Any intimate encounters that the dispassionate Aquarius have with their partners will take on a tender sexual hue. Venus will keep sending you its wonderful and harmonious rays, allowing you to recreate a new honeymoon in each encounter.

Enjoy now, because this influence will soon stop, and the Venusian influx will turn you towards philosophical and spiritual matters. Then, all great romances will go into a more platonic phase where the emphasis will be placed on your spiritual connection.

In this sense, those who are single are going through a key moment, if they want romantic and sexual adventures. If they decide to put a pin on it, they will probably also be uninterested in fleeting pleasure, which is perfectly valid.

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At work you won’t always be in a position to project the image or achieve the goals or ambitions you want, but right now you might be more interested in this than usual.

On the other hand, you might receive a mention, promotion or you might achieve your goals, the downside is that you might lose your job, quit or experience professional or social setbacks.

If your work is in line with your vocation or innate skills, your personal satisfaction and pride might increase, but the opposite might happen if your job is not in line with your personal interests or vocation.

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In your health, Aquarius, you’ll redefine your image, personality and perception of yourself, and a parent or paternal figure probably will too.

It’s also likely that you’ll do a detox of your body, it won’t be an illness but an energy cleanse and purification, the symptoms tend to be the same as those of an illness, but they're not the same thing.

You might also have a fight linked to your health or make changes to your self-care routine and usual diet.

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