You'll making specific plans come true - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, February 8, 2021

Both in your personal and professional lives, you're employing very good strategies


Today a pleasant warmth will fill your love life. Mercury in your sign pushes you to talk about subjects which you tend to avoid.

For this reason, Aquarius, love will be a source of energy, vitality and well-organized thoughts for you. All of your senses will mix, nurturing your feelings and making you a more approachable person.

At the same time, there will be a sensual atmosphere which you’ll make the most of. Jupiter in Leo, in your VII House of relationships is expanding aspects of your bond, both good and bad, so you can evaluate them.

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On a professional level you’ll be able to manifest the projects you have in mind thanks to the sun and Mercury in your sign, as well as building work programmes and expressing your ideas.

It will be the perfect time to change, renovate and turn around your professional life. You crave the freedom and autonomy to make your own choices. You’ll have the skill and ability to win any professional challenges, no matter the context.

You’ll also have relaxed and friendly rapports, which will be the basis of your professional collaborations.


When it comes to your health, the planetary influences in your sign will affect the area of values and self-esteem. You’re starting a cycle of profit, conquests and achievement of personal goals, but remember that those who win and achieve the most are those who demand respect and prove their worth.

It’s time to be grateful for what you have, use your resources well and lay out a creative strategy to achieve your full wellbeing, not only on a material level, but also on a physical and emotional one.

You’re in luck, so make the most of this astral boost to finish all outstanding matters, not just when it comes to your health but also when it comes to your personal evolution. All the changes you’ve wanted to carry out in your life will be there, waiting for you.

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