Aquarius Horoscope Monday 2020

Very positive planetary influences await - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, September 7, 2020

There isn't a single aspect of your life that won't benefit from the current action and influence of the stars


Aquarius, your horoscope for love today reveals that your love life is favoured by the universe. Starting precisely today, Mars and Venus are in harmony with your sign, giving you a great source of harmony and happy and balanced feelings.

The influences of this fire planet on your love life favours lovers, especially intellectual ones, who struggle to follow their instincts and passion because they overthink things.

Mars in Aries gives you a strong and winning energy in your relationships while, starting today, Venus promotes marriage or partnerships. All of this has a positive impact to help those who are single find a life partner.

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At work you must know that until the 22nd the sun in Virgo invites you to recover at work and to manage your business and payments better.

The heavyweights of the solar system, Jupiter Saturn, Pluto and Uranus, all in earth signs, help the sun and anchor this beautiful energy which influences you in a practical and constructive way.

Above all, thanks to Mars in Aries which stimulates this season, although you shouldn’t confuse dynamism with stress. One thing is to be overflowing with energy and a very different one is to become exhausted from pushing yourself too hard at work.

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In your health, on the one hand, some dissatisfaction will still be present but, on the other, your way of seeing and facing things will change, it will be more rational and less impulsive.

However, the opposition of Mars might make you tired and fatigued. In this sense, it’s best to take a break and not try to take on too many commitments.

All of this will give you a chance to improve your life and build new bases for the future.  Those who are at a crossroads or who have to make important decisions in their lives, will be positively supported by the cosmos.

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