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Daily Horoscope for Aquarius for Saturday, May 7, 2022

Aquarius, hunches aren't always right


Aquarius, intuition is very important during the unconscious process of looking for and selecting a partner. You've probably let yourself be guided by simple things like the colour of a pair of shoes. 

Or, for example, if the perfume was too intoxicating or the food you ordered at that restaurant.

Your intuition can add a little spark to the process of falling in love, but  today's Horoscope advises you not to believe your hunches blindly.


The Daily Horoscope sees you looking better than you thought you would at this point in the month. A sum of money that you didn't expect is on its way. Its origin seems to be in a loan you made to your childhood friend.

Your Horoscope assures you that this is a good time to invest that money in cryptocurrencies or another innovative venture. Be careful you don't lose your head;  a small amount will be enough to make a profit in the medium term.


Aquarius, if you're going to leave the company, it's best to do it through the front door. You've contributed a lot to each other, so  it's only fair that you give advance notice of your intention to leave. Haste is no good in general, and even less so in this.

Don't let an insignificant detail like this make you say goodbye with a bad taste in your mouth. Your Horoscope foresees a change for the better after the important decision you are about to make.


Aquarius, when you lose your way there's only one option left: to find it again. For this reason, you can't be inhibited or restrict the desire you have for a new experience that'll allow you to reach your full potential. Today's Horoscope recommends travelling as a great way to achieve this.

You'll discover a sense of freedom which you haven't felt until now.

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