The sign of Aquarius with a purple starred background

It's time to express your love - Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, March 7, 2021

If you don't seize this moment to express your feelings, you'll miss out on a brilliant opportunity


Today’s horoscope for Aquarius advises you to always try to do creative activities to keep the flame of your passion alight, the growth in love must be an important an important goal to pursue for you.

Prove to that special person that you love them, don’t worry, make an effort and you’ll see you can win them over again.

If you’re single, it’s time to prove your interest in that person you’ve been holding a candle for for a while, don’t hesitate or you might lose them forever. You have a lot to win, those who are brave achieve great things in love, it’s the perfect day to find the love of your life.

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At work, it will be a day full of success and victories, this will be an intense and fruitful day. But, under no circumstances should you behave arrogantly, your ego could cause many problems, work as part of a team.

Focus and work constantly, and you’ll achieve better results than you could ever imagine. This is the month to lay the foundations to the professional success in your life.

Together with the previously stated, this is a good moment to improve your social rapports at work, this can help you get allies who will help you on your professional projects.


When it comes to your health, everything indicates you have to rest during the weekends to ensure you relax. You must look after your health, as you’re making a great effort, it’s important that you take time to disconnect.

You must also pay special attention to all things related to skin problems caused by too much stress.

Lastly, remember to also look after the parts of you that aren’t visible: your emotions. Don’t build up unresolved emotional tension, look for a way to express yourself.

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