Aquarius Horoscope Friday 2020

Phase of growth in your relationships - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, November 6, 2020

You must have the courage to make the necessary decisions if you want to progress financially


Aquarius, your love horoscope for today reveals that you’ll have an interesting relationship with someone from your same sign.  You’ll immediately get on the same wavelength and together you’ll fight for your personal, physical and intellectual development.

For this reason, there’ll be many opportunities to get to know each other, chat and get closer.  You’ll have a chance to get recognition and affection, and this is mainly due to your friendly and optimistic attitude towards the world.

On the other hand, a close relative will give you important information that will please and encourage you. This is about a family matter which has been stuck for a while and now it looks like it’s starting to progress.

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At work, it looks like something has to be solved, it’s up to you to be able to solve things easily at work, to reach an agreement, close a good deal and spend money cleverly so you can obtain benefits and satisfactions.

If you have to invest on a new tool which will be useful at work, you’ll do it without hesitation, even if the decision isn’t up to you. Your decisions will be the right ones, as, both Venus and Mars will be in a great position in the sky.

On the other hand, the atmosphere at work is very good and your qualities will find their place.  In fact, your ideas will be appreciated.

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In your health, with Mars in Aries for the entirety of the month, and with a beautiful Venus in Libra for a while, you’ll surely be in good physical and mental shape.

You should also consider Mercury’s great support, thanks to which you should receive more positive intuitions, have a greater sense of inner peace and greater balance between your mind, body and spirit.

Destiny has great opportunities in store for you, which you’ll have to make the most of, however, you’ll have to make sure you act rather than standing there waiting.