The Aquarius sign surrounded by stars

You'll be more prone to commitment - Aquarius Horoscope for Saturday, March 6, 2021

Committing to people and to your duties will be the rule from now on


Aquarius will confirm the good omens in store for you today, on a romantic level. You’ll be, in fact, less interested in your freedom and more prone to share moments of intimacy with your partner.

However, it will be essential for Aquarius to understand that their partner needs other times. You’ll find in Sagittarius not only a faithful lover but also a loyal and sincere partner, with whom you’ll also have a very strong sexual chemistry.

On the other hand, with a Capricorn you’ll try to smooth over those things that are still affecting your relationship. But another Aquarius will be the ally that will most respect your freedom.

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At work, the horoscope reveals that work trips will be frequent with encouraging results. However, it will be convenient to avoid negotiations during the first part of the month of March.

However, you’ll have to face some fleeting misunderstandings with work colleagues.  Not taking them too seriously will be the best course of action.

So long as your business partners don’t take responsibility for their tasks, Aquarius will continue to be annoyed, and the results you’ll get from your joint labour won’t be satisfactory.


In your health, today Aquarius will feel very good, in fact, you’ve started looking after yourself a while ago and your body thanks you for it by having great energy levels.

You’ll be very motivated and with the strength to do anything.  In fact, you’re likely to be involved in many activities, both professional social and personal, this will be a very busy day.

Despite this, your body doesn’t seem to get tired and your day is likely to be a lot more fruitful, going to sleep a lot later than usual and feeling whole and satisfied.

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