The Aquarius sign with a blue background

There'll be changes at home - Aquarius Horoscope for Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Renovation will be a part of your day, both in your professional life, and in your perssonal and family life


Uranus enters the area of the home and family this year, staying there many months. This indicates a period of progress for your home or family life.

In this sense, you might feel the need to change your relationship with your family or to bring new people into your family. You might also want to introduce improvements to your living space, renew or redesign it, or move some place new.

The meaning of home and family might also change for you. This change will continue for a long time. This way, it’s likely that Aquarius, whether single or in a relationship, will see their personal life take a big turn.

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On a professional level, Jupiter is in your area of vocation, which enables you to start the year on the right foot, achieve things, make progress and cover some ground.

In fact, you can allow yourself to be idealistic regarding what you can do, and you can finally receive acknowledgement for what you’ve done or establish a favourable connection with the right person on a business level.

Likewise, Mercury is retrograde in this area, which will make you want to focus on old goals once again.  You’ll want to dig up professional plans and dreams and see them come to fruition, or at least fight for them.


When it comes to your health, you should show signs of improvement if you had been suffering from a chronic or infectious illness or disease.

Plus, on top of these great prospects we have an exceptionally solid sixth house of health. There's great enthusiasm to stay in shape for Aquarius.

You’ll take preventive measures, start a diet and, most importantly, exercise. You’re determined to look after yourself this year, and this will show in your attitude and appearance.

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