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Your Aquarius Horoscope for December 5th

Your Aquarius prediction for Monday, December 5th, 2022

Aquarius, the Horoscope unveils the mysteries of the future for you. Do you already know what awaits you? Read the advice and warnings carefully.


Aquarius, that individual you were getting on so well with suddenly vanished, and now they've come back blaming you for them having to move away. You know what the real cause of your drift apart was. You're torn between telling them the truth or keeping quiet, so the situation doesn't get any worse.

If love has already knocked on your door, on the other hand, it's a good day to look over your first photos. It's amazing how much you love each other and how you know how to show it to the world.

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Aquarius, you have a great responsibility towards a member of your immediate family. They want to establish their own spending priorities, and you can help them open their saving potential. You are their role model.

Unfortunately, this will take up time, something you don't have this Monday. If your finances don't quite gel, save yourself the trouble of continuing to spend on the lottery. Statistically, it's almost impossible to win.


You can't cope with the high volume of work you'll have to deal with this month. Aquarius, today's horoscope encourages you to ride out the storm as best you can and be patient.

Soon all this turmoil will pass, and it'll go away as quickly as it came. Your pockets will be full of money, so it won't all be negative.


A friend needs your help to sort out an unpleasant situation. Again, you'll be absorbed by all the work that awaits you. Try to make room for them in your busy schedule, because they really need it.


You're about to experience some episodes of anxiety that will make you very nervous.

Aquarius, your Forecast advises you to review those breathing exercises you learned some time ago. They'll allow you to control your body and your emotions.