The Aquarius sign surrounded by stars

Your romantic aspirations might come to fruition - Aquarius Horoscope for Saturday, December 5, 2020

You'll do well in love and in health, when it comes to your professional life, it all hinges on how realistic and well-organized you are


Aquarius, your horoscope today tells you not to get too involved in conflicts, don’t wait to express your love for your partner and take into account that you’ll have a strong desire, but you mustn’t forget tenderness.

A good level of communication can sometimes be enough to connect, especially for couples who are too absorbed in their professional and social lives.

When it comes to single Aquarius, you should aspire to something more, but without setting a bar that’s too high, as you might be disappointed. However, your charisma might bring you one or two affairs.

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At work, if you’re involved in a project or are planning something for the future, this might become more relevant during this period, allowing you to find support or encounter difficulties in accordance with your birth chart and the relevant planetary transits.

You’re also likely to try to put new ideas for your business in place, through union and cooperation with like-minded people.

It’s important to always have good judgement, before you take the leap and start a project, but if you’ve already nailed down all the details and have the necessary financial and human help, then go for it.


When it comes to your wellbeing, the cosmic energies will keep causing turbulence and changes in you, whether you want it or not. You’re adaptable, universal, seasoned, there’s nothing to do other than to accept life with its ups and downs.

Your sing is available, you’ll be guided, however, your health will be good. Your spiritual therapies will continue in your life, but you’ll start participating in more group activities which are more fun.

You’ll want to have fun and you’ll find someone to do it with. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it.

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