Aquarius Monday on a sky background with shooting stars

You've woken up on the right side of the bed - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, April 5, 2021

We could say that today will be a lucky day for those born under this sign


Your love life will be rather positive today, in fact, your family rapports are likely to improve. And, although in some cases there might be arguments in your relationship, they will only be fleeting.

On the other hand, the stars will give you a cosmic wave which will encourage and expand your personal qualities. You’ll be kinder and more thoughtful and helpful than ever.

Single Aquarius won’t be up to the task of opening up their hearts, but they will probably meet someone with whom they’ll strike a close friendship.

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At work, you’ll clearly feel that your professional ambitions have resurfaced in strength, which will make you seriously question if you’re doing what you really like.

However, and despite the doubts, you’ll be able to manage all tasks proficiently, and to complete them at the right time, or even earlier to everyone’s surprise.

In summary, you’re likely to have success at work and receive great praise, as well as feeling proud for the effort made, with its subsequent self-esteem boost.


When it comes to your health, everything will hinge on your discipline and diligence.  Regular exercise and a moderate diet will help you stay in shape.

Otherwise, you’re likely to feel bloated. For this reason, you should create a healthy diet routine, avoiding greasy foods and alcohol above all.

That aside, today won’t be a day to worry in your life. Overall, you’ll be very well, but you should take better care to stay out of danger.

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