Aquarius Horoscope Sunday 2020

You'll see progress in your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, October 4, 2020

You'll receive important benefits that you'll have to keep secret, at least, for the time being


Today, Aquarius, you’ll have to be patient, as true love might be on its way if it isn’t already there.

On the other hand, whether you’re staying with the person you're with or whether you meet someone new, your relationship is ready to gain a completely renewed vitality.

This good news will, naturally, affect both those who are single and those who are in a relationship. The former, because they’ll make headway towards a future relationship, and the latter, because they’ll improve their romantic bond.

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At work you’ll have three planets at your disposition: the lucky Jupiter, the stabilizing Saturn and the skilful Pluto, which is a huge energy, and, the interesting thing is that all three will be located in your twelfth house, the one of secrets.

Clearly, the financial help you’ll receive will be behind the curtains, but it’ll all be legal, but the influential person you’ll meet with won’t want you telling others about the preferential treatment you’re receiving.

During this period, you’ll also have to listen to and carefully read all communications directed at you. If you move forward without thinking things through or without double-checking them, you might go down the wrong path and you’ll have backtrack things.

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Today in your health you’ll have to exercise great self-discipline if you want to stick to your health and self-care plan.  It will be undoubtedly worthwhile, but you can’t keep putting it off.

You know the theory and what you need to do, but we all know that it’s easier to stay in the preliminaries, imagining a lifestyle change, than to carry it out with determination and perseverance.

Lastly, Aquarius, remember how hard taking the first step is, once you’ve set things into motion, you just need to create a habit.

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