You'll conquer your personal freedom - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, January 4, 2021

You're at the beginning of a new lifestyle, new loves, a new job and a new outlook on life


Today’s romantic prediction for Aquarius forecasts that this will be a year of freedom. A word that gains particular significance in our lives right now. It’s not just personal freedom, but also in the way you interact.

Plus, Venus will be very active and with the support of Mars, those who want to find love again will experience very strong feelings.

For those who are single there will not only be encounters that could lead to true love, but also a series of fun and interesting adventures.

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On a professional level, Jupiter and Saturn will be behind you and, therefore, they’re a great support to help you overcome big obstacles at work, and prepare for a truly surprising beginning of the year.

Therefore, you should prepare all the project you have in mind, organize everything you’d like to do during the year and don’t stop to think about whether closing certain situations is right or not.

You’re approaching a very advantageous moment financially speaking and, therefore, in terms of money coming into your hands or being invested.


When it comes to your health, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius show us the way to create our new world, a world where each one of us will have to use our talents, thoughts and skills towards the greater good.

In this process you might decide to distance yourself from your clan, family or tribe of friends in order to embark on new adventures with new people who can open the doors to new experiences.

All of this will make you develop your own philosophy of life, the right one for you, for your present, for your future. This new version of yourself might be a bit unconventional, surprising, but incredibly wise in its uniqueness.

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