The sign of Aquarius with a black starred background

You'll let go of emotional attachments - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, December 4, 2020

If you focus on what you can do and what you're going through right now, everything will start falling into place


You’re starting a month where you must completely overcome attachments and co-dependency which may be causing emotional waves right now.

For this reason, your sign, Aquarius, points at those who say in relationships which aren’t really relationships but, rather, attachments, those who have been tied to feelings that keep dragging them back to the past.

Aquarius are likely to experience some kind of rupture that will free them from such attachments. It’s time to choose healthy relationships and leave control and power struggles behind.

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At work, you’ll discover some things which were being wasted, and you’ll probably adjust the expenses, thus achieving an improvement in how you manage your resources. Perhaps you have mixed feelings regarding something you’ll discover at work.

However, you’ll achieve important improvements, many will get promotions and if you’re self-employed you’ll have great opportunities and recognition.

In this sense, some people will help you, or it will be the Universe that starts rewarding the hard work of those who have persevered. On the other hand, some procedures, paperwork or documents that you've been waiting on for a long time will be unblocked.


When it comes to your wellbeing, you’ll have great plans, but many of these plans will experience delays due to external situations, so if you have unrealistic expectations you might feel frustrated.

You’re also likely to experience dissatisfaction and impatience, despite things flowing, for this reason you need to be patient and be objective with the plans you’re creating.

Your emotional and physical health depend on your behaviour, on the decisions you make on a daily basis, impatience isn’t the right answer at the present moment in time.

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