Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday

Today there are very good omens for love - Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, April 4, 2021

The most seductive ones will have a great day, as the planetary influences will help them start a romance


It would appear that romances, flirting and good communication are the general tone for today, Aquarius. And something many had been expecting for a while.

Your understanding with your partner will be perfect, stimulating and, after past problems, your camaraderie will be so evident that it will be like a miracle. And what more could you ask for to start the month on the right foot!

Although in order to avoid unresolved conflicts in some relationships, Aquarius might look outside of home what they could perfectly well find within it. It wouldn’t be surprising if, during this period, a friendship became a sexual fling.

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At work, the planetary situation doesn’t omen good results, if Aquarius keep their minds and places of work in chaos. This will make the misplace paperwork, get mixed up on expiration dates and end up accusing others of mistakes which will be purely and exclusively their fault.

This goes for the first days of the month, while Mercury is in Pisces. So you’ll have to be extremely cautious, because the obstacles will soon disappear and everything will seem easier.

By then you will have to have learned to perform your job impeccably, or you will have missed out on an opportunity to advance your career. Remember that some opportunities come only once in a lifetime.


When it comes to your health, there may be a risk of minor domestic accidents and small burns, caused more by distraction than anything else.

There will also be some psychosomatic problems for Aquarius, with respiratory complications which will become more serious late in the afternoon.

Either way, your energy levels will remain stable, your immune system strong, and any ailments you have to face won’t be too serious.

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