The sign of Aquarius with a purple starred background

Many decisions are made - Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, January 31, 2021

It's a key moment in your life, where things are taking shape and have started solidifying


The presence of Venus and Mercury in your zodiac sign, together with Saturn, surely indicate a phase of your romantic life where many decisions solidify, many personal and intimate situations find the right answers.

Aquarius who intend to get married, buy a house to share with their partner, have a son, will have to act right now, because if they make decisions in their love life at the beginning of the year, everything will go swimmingly.

Those who are single have to take a look around them and not worry too much about Mars in quadrant which doesn’t give them much charm or magnetism, because love will be at their door anyway.

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On a professional level, speaking of serenity at work is compulsory, you need to be peaceful within, well balanced and in great physical and mental form, ready to make important decisions for your professional future.

You shouldn’t just think, you must act, go to job interviews, study, send your resume, sign up for tenders, sit exams, because you’ll be able to see progress over the next few months, but now's the time to act.

You also need to be able to acknowledge your innate abilities, a lot of creativity and the appreciation of people that, in the past, may not have taken you into account.


When it comes to your health, it would be accurate to speak of luck, of a favourable destiny, but without moving, acting, making an effort and committing, even the best planets won’t be able to do anything for you.

It’s a great moment to bring out your inner strength and, despite Mars in quadrant, which can limit your energy, you’ll be able to face all the new challenges coming your way decisively and with determination.

You’re about to change your life in an absolutely positive way. In order to avoid making some mistakes, the advice of the people you trust will be very useful, and you’ll always find the time to stop, rest and then start again stronger than before. 

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