Aquarius Horoscope Thursday 2020

Hard times in your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Thursday, September 3, 2020

You'll receive a lot of help from the stars in your professional life and in your health, make the most of this advantageous times


Today’s horoscope for Aquarius reveals that there’ll be some sentimental trouble, there’ll be moments of crisis in your relationship, but only if your relationship has had a rocky past.

Otherwise you’ll only have a few arguments today, and personal needs which won’t be understood by your partner, and there might also be a slight monotony. But on a sexual level everything seems to be going well, as Mars will undoubtedly spark great desire and a level of passion which could improve your relationship.

Single Aquarius are starting a phase of uncertainty and small romantic disappointments.  You’ll also have to be patient and try to remain objective.

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At work, Mercury is in a truly excellent astrological position forming a trigone with your birth sun.  This means that any agreement that has been stuck, work that hasn’t been making good progress or unfinished business, will now be solved.

There will also be professional and financial news for those who have worked hard in the past, because Jupiter in your 12th house allows you to solve various problems and overcome many obstacles.

On the other hand, those who are self-employed need only to open their eyes and stop believing that luck will always be on their side.

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In your health everything indicates that you need to recover physically, and, for this reason, Mars is coming to your aid with its sextile. But you must also resolve quite a few personal matters.

Travelling isn’t as thrilling with Venus in opposition and Saturn behind, but with Mercury in Libra you might have some advantageous spends or serendipitous circumstances. Therefore, don’t lose your trust in yourself and in destiny.

You might not realize this, but Jupiter behind you is lending you a great hand to get you out of many pickles.