Aquarius Horoscope Friday 2020

Solve the problems in the family environment - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, July 3, 2020

The new ideas will provide most of the solutions and proposals in the field of work


From today, the trigone between Mars and Venus will provide lovers of the sign with enviable moments, full of passion and tenderness. Very good news for all those who want to formalize the relationship.

Furthermore, in the family environment, serious disagreements could appear with the elders of the family that will generate, at the same time, confrontations. Fortunately, the action of a close relative will correct the course of the situation.

Single Aquarians will have the opportunity to experience enviable intimate encounters, so they should strive to make the most of the opportunity, especially after having waited so long.

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In the professional field,  your innovation and originality will highlight your daily tasks. Those who are still in a learning period will need to keep up with the pace.

On the other hand, today, communication will flow creatively in partnerships and professional relationships. Above all, for those who have already been in their profession for some time, this will be a fresh air that will bring many new ideas.

Those who are self-employed will have to deal with some very insistent clients who won't listen to reason. Patience and diplomacy will be your weapons to win the day.


For your health, the stars warn you that today you could become too passionate or angry, even violent with others.  Make sure that any conflicts that arise are worth fighting for.

Furthermore, you will be inclined to use spiritual or mystical disciplines to deal with personal emotional problems. This will bring you the balance you need with your losses of temperament.

Also, you should know that physically you may have discomfort in the neck and base of your skull, probably as a result of the nervous tension you are accumulating.