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You'll evaluate what has value for you in life - Aquarius Horoscope for Wednesday, February 3, 2021

You're going through a period of introspection and very revolutionary internal changes


Aquarius, today’s prediction reveals that you’ll be more self-confident, and you’ll put your wishes above those of others. This doesn’t mean you’ll become selfish.

Don’t turn your back on this transcendental period of your life where you might discover what you truly value in life. This will be essential in your interpersonal rapports, especially romantic ones.

Other people, especially your nearest and dearest, will be very important for you. Encourage dialogue with them and be willing to listen to their affairs. For a while now, you’ve been submerged in a personal process of spiritual evolution which includes others.

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On a professional level, you’ll have many ambitious projects on the go, which you’ll be able to handle through your skill and good perception.  You also need to think calmly about how to organize your finances.

On the other hand, you’ll have to prepare a book with your expenses and profits, so you can adapt to your current circumstances in a simple and effective way.

However, fortune will be with you when you meet other people, making the encounters easier. This will be especially favourable for those who are self-employed.


When it comes to your health you’ll focus on your personality, which will go through great transformations. Said changes will be very fruitful. Take into account that, in February, Neptune leaves your sign to arrive to your House II and make you analyse which things are important for you.

The fact that Neptune is leaving your sign, after such a long time, to enter the sign of Pisces during the first days of February, in your House II, makes a new phase open up before you, which will last a few years.

In said phase you’ll have to discover what your true values are and what you hold dearest. Your health will be an absolute priority during this process.

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