Aquarius Horoscope Monday 2020

You won't be able to resist love's calling - Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, August 3, 2020

Both professionally and in your health you'll have your own criteria, which has become more objective and balanced


Your prediction for your love life today, Aquarius, couldn't be better, as you know, you have the stars on your corner, and today will be no exception.  A love that fills you with equal amounts of illusion and happiness will appear in your life.

Those who are in a relationship will regain their space of intimacy, which had been cluttered with daily chores. Something has changed in your routines and this has considerably improved your relationship.

Those who are single, whether they want to or not, will find themselves entangled in a very sensual romance. Even if it’s not what they were looking for, they won’t be able to avoid jumping in head-first into this passionate story.

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At work things will go well today.  You’ve planned your actions wisely and rationally, and because of this, not only will you tackle your problems more efficiently, but you’ll also get better results.

That aside, those who are self-employed and work in intellectual professions such as writers, IT developers, designers, etc., they’ll feel very productive, which will enhance their performance significantly.

Instead, those who need or depend on a task force, will have to restrain their opinions, as they might clash with their colleagues. The best thing you can do right now is to take it easy.

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In terms of your health, the stars give you the vitality you need for your body to recover, if you were suffering from an ailment or illness. If that’s not the case, that extra dose of energy will help you tackle personal plans.

Plus, you’ll be in a good mood and you’ll want to share it with your loved ones who are longing to spend time with you, as you’ve been unavailable for a while.

Also take into account, Aquarius, that it’s the perfect time to do a detox routine, whether it’s intermittent fasting or by drinking detox infusions, but always being mindful of your specific health requirements.