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Falling in love is not synonym with slavery - Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, November 29, 2020

You'll be completely engrossed in your professional duties, thus neglecting all other areas of your life


Love might be awaiting you at a gathering with friends, at a sporting event or while you perform community service. Today you’d do well to understand that falling in love is not synonym for slavery.

What’s more, perhaps you’ll have your first opportunity at work. A warm-hearted Cancer will enter your life and will intend to make you the object of their possessive love, only you can decide if you will let yourself be carried away.

Instead, if it’s a Libra, they won’t give up their attempt at capturing Aquarius in their nets. If they persist, they will triumph, don’t doubt it for a minute.

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At work you’ll be fully absorbed in all kinds of professional commitments, Aquarius will leave aside their attention regarding their personal needs and that of their loved ones.

From there onwards, you’ll keep an eye out for any news which reach you, and to the use of the most convenient methods in order obtain the best advantages at work, in your profession or in any tasks you’re trying to tackle.

When you work thusly, you’ll be in a position to preserve your usual excellent performance and, therefore, obtain more benefits than expected.

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In your health, Aquarius, excess, of any kind, will cause problems on a physical and psychological level. For this reason, Aquarius will do well to conduct themselves with moderation in all areas of their lives.

Working tirelessly, studying day and night, taking care of other people’s need without taking your own into consideration, will end up harming you.

For this reason, it’ll be important to make some time for yourself and to practice a discipline or physical activity so you can thus reduce your tension and preserve your good mental and physical health.

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