Daily Horoscope for Aquarius for Wednesday, 29 June, 2022

Aquarius, look inside you for the strength to express what you feel


Aquarius, today it is in your best interest to resolve some old situations from the past that have remained in the air. You were treated badly at the time and you didn't get around to telling them just how bad they had made you feel.

It's time to cleanse yourself of those unpleasant feelings.

You can only do that by telling them to their face how much it hurt you. They disappeared without even giving you a reason or an explanation. It's the right path to take.


The Daily Horoscope sees your idealism, vitality and sense of responsibility will allow you to take a new approach to your financial actions. This doesn't mean that you'll get rich overnight, but it'll allow you to get in touch with those who can help you  a lot.

The stars advise you that charity events are a good place to start networking. If you stop acting solely for money, you might be offered a job very soon, Aquarius.


Aquarius, you're very concerned about the working conditions imposed on you in your job. They've greatly limited your rest time. It's needed to oxygenate your brain in order to continue being productive.

Today, maybe you should ask yourself if these are the circumstances you don't mind tolerating over time. If you find you're only willing to tolerate this for a few weeks, you should start looking elsewhere. These restrictions are here to stay and no one is going to change them.


Aquarius, your Daily Prediction indicates that your spirits are going to be lifted by some wonderful news that you've been waiting for. It seems that you've been admitted to a programme or a school that you've been looking forward to being a part of.

Take advantage of this moment of happiness to celebrate the good news with a friend and enjoy the rest of the day.