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Your Daily Aquarius Horoscope for Tuesday, June 29

Aquarius, you will discover your real value

❤️ Love 

Aquarius, you don't like to plan anything, but this time you will have no choice. When you're in a relationship there are some things you can't leave to fate. Your failure to keep things in perspective could be seen as indifference.

You rely on love to fix everything. This is occasionally true, but love also has to be built and nurtured. Nothing happens without a clear purpose behind it.

Singles of this sign would do well to put a past relationship behind them. If they are not decisive, this person will not let them live in the present. Carrying past relationships is not a good way to start a new one.

💰 Money 

At work, Aquarius, you will discover that you are more valuable than you thought. This means you will be bold enough to ask for the salary you deserve. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will.

Set aside fears of losing your job and assert your rights. The fear of wanting is on your mind. It's true that you often have to concede out of necessity, but that doesn't mean you won't speak up.

On the other hand, you will have the majority of your partners or co-workers on your side. Don't forget that unity is strength. More can be achieved together than by fighting separately.

👩‍⚕️ Health 

Aquarius, healthwise, everything points to the fact that physically you will be fine. In fact, you will be more eager to explore spiritual matters. Being in touch with your own self will be a priority for you.

You will feel that the future holds many answers, but perhaps you shouldn't wait for that to come. Start by getting to know yourself better. Communicate with yourself, ask yourself questions.

Discover what you feel, what you want and what you expect from your life. Create a clear picture of what you would like your life to be like from now on. Make plans to make your dreams come true.

👍 Tip of the day 

You don't always need to have the last word, lose the need to be right!

🍀 Lucky numbers 

Your lucky numbers for Tuesday, 29 June are: 0, 7, 29 and 53

🤝 Compatibilities 

These compatabilities, Aquarius, will help you have a more complete day:

Cancer and Taurus in Love

Leo and Aries in Friendship

Leo and Cancer at Work

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