Aquarius Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Tension in your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Wednesday, July 29, 2020

You'll have to face complicated situations in all areas of your life, fortunately, luck is on your side


It seems that, today, Aquarius are becoming more easily offended and less attentive to their partner’s need, plus, Mars might make them contentious.

In fact, their energy isn’t well controlled, it might be explosive in some emotional situations they’ll live, and which won't be too pleasant. For this reason, the more you avoid confrontation, the better for everyone.

Those who are single will feel attractive and will be able to share pleasant feelings, they might even hook up with someone and embark on a very passionate sexual adventure which, nevertheless, will start withering over the next few days.

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In your professional area, the stars’ negative influences bring potential blocks, professional situations which won’t progress easily, and difficulties in starting new paths.

Those who are looking for a job will feel quite a lot of resistance and obstacles in their quest. However, this shouldn’t dishearten you, as soon as this unfavourable planetary period comes to an end things will become unblocked.

When it comes to money, rather than making a profit, many Aquarius will be forced to spend it, for which their savings will suffer. This shouldn't demotivate you, as you have the ability to overcome any obstacles.


When it comes to your health today, the good news is that these warring planets which are complicating things for you in other areas, will favour the energy and optimism which allow you to overcome the tricky situations arising from your path towards evolution.

Use this energy to push yourself forward and create the life your want for yourself. Go to the doctors at the first sign of any suspicious symptom or ailment which you haven't experienced before, in order to prevent it from escalating.

Lastly, Aquarius, don’t stop working on yourself, as each day brings a new lesson for you, and a new opportunity to heal.