The Aquarius sign with a blue background

Arguments might become intense - Aquarius Horoscope for Tuesday, December 29, 2020

If you can't control your temper, you might have confrontations not only in your personal life but also at work


Aquarius might be especially busy fulfilling duties and communicating with others. You could also tend to have an aggressive, egocentric or provocative communication style.

As such, arguments might become intense or chats might turn into arguments. If the latter happens, it will likely be because you’re taking things too much to heart right now, or because you’re deliberately imposing your beliefs or ideals.

There might also be a subject that will cause clashes, or which will require making compromises with someone. Don’t take these situations lightly and do everything you can to fix it.

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On a professional level, the day brings social opportunities in your profession.  Satisfaction comes through your career your vocation and your business.

From that we deduce that your profession and work will be what you’ll now use in your favour to gain recognition for your worth. Your skills and and talents will become the measure of your success, but more vital and relevant will be how you feel about it.

Now you’re doing well at work and you’re likely to have opportunities to make partnerships, or simply more opportunities to mingle and network.


When it comes to your health, today you’ll focus on your spiritual wellbeing, ad on letting go of your ego. This day brings an important moment in your personal growth.

That’s when the expansive Jupiter and karmic Saturn will clash in your first house of the self, demanding that you grow and take ownership of your life.

If you’ve been changing to meet other people’s expectations or repressing your true self to adapt, those adaptation mechanisms will no longer work for you. You must be yourself, that’s all.

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