Aquarius Horoscope Saturday 2020

Romantic relations become more wholesome - Aquarius Horoscope for Saturday, August 29, 2020

You're likely to take the lead at work, so long as it is while doing teamwork


Aquarius, your love life today will appear happy and the retrograde activity doesn’t not seem to have an impact on it.  However, Aquarius will have to be careful will destructive criticism and extreme perfectionism.

On the other hand, Venus will enter your house VII, the one of love, signalling more socialization at home with your family. There may be a romantic relation with a family connection or with someone introduced to you by your family.

Generally speaking, today there will be romantic opportunities which will take place in small circles where mere sexual chemistry isn’t enough. You also want to be with someone you can learn from.

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In terms of your work and financial life, your financial planet, Neptune, will be retrograde for many more months, plus, today it receives stressful aspects.  So, you have to work harder to achieve your financial goals.

You’ll see improvements further down the line. Meanwhile, be patient with your finances, and don't assume any important commitments without conducting due diligence.

On the other hand, friendships, community projects and connections with professional associates cheer you up and give you a chance to strengthen your leadership exceptionally.

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Your health will be good today, Aquarius. However, you know you can improve it if you set your mind to it. It’s not so hard, it just requires taking care of this aspect of your life that you often neglect.

These days it would be good if you had a hip, neck and throat massage. An herbal kidney cleanse can also be handy if you don’t feel well.

Careful with these small aspects of your daily life, you will not only improve your health, but you will also extend the life of your vital organs. It’s up to you to prevent disease through the necessary care and remedies.