Aquarius Sunday on a night sky background

You'll be more communicative - Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, February 28, 2021

You'll learn to trust others and to deepen your rapports, whether interpersonal or professional


Today Aquarius will have to work on laying the foundations of their social rapports and putting certain boundaries to those around them. Those born under this sign will embark in new adventures with their friends and will learn to trust in people, becoming more communicative.

On the other hand, you’ll have good luck in love, enhancing the union with your beloved, although you might end up having a misunderstanding which will be tricky to sort out.

The stars are aligning for Aquarius to open up their heart and sort out the problems they’ve been facing in their relationship since last year.

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On a professional level, you’ll consider changing your life plan. You’ll want to leave the monotony of your work, looking within you and thinking of your future.

For this reason, you should let some of the people around you into your team, who have projects to offer. 

According to the forecast, those born under this zodiac sign will let their creativity flow, which will strengthen their finances and will bring an increase in their income, as well as help them close some business which had been delayed, on this last day of the month.


Health-wise, your anxiety and uncertainty will take their toll, Aquarius, due to which you should try to have some space and time to relax, so you can rest and gather the energy you need to face each day.

Exercise will be your greatest ally, as it will help you release all of the day’s tension and this will improve the quality of your sleep considerably.

The stars foresee a risk of somatising certain emotions, which would be detrimental to your health. Plus, you’ll have to keep an eye on your diet and avoid alcohol.

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