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Your Aquarius Horoscope for December 28th

Your Aquarius prediction for Wednesday, December 28th, 2022

Aquarius, your Daily Horoscope urges you to do some cleaning at home to keep positive energy flowing into every room. Read on below!


The Aquarius Horoscope visualizes you having several love affairs. Having fun and enjoying your singleness was just what you needed. However, be honest with those you share your heart with.

Avoid creating false hopes.

Your relationship is hanging by a thread because of a slip-up you made. You've been brave enough to confess it, but your partner doesn't know if they'll be able to get over it.

You need an answer as soon as possible, but now is their time for reflection. Give them time and accept their decision.

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Think about renewing your mobile. Aquarius, storage problems are driving you crazy. You need a device with more capacity.

Look for the models you're interested in and read customer reviews. It'll be a good investment.

Even if you're not a great chef, opt for home cooking. You'll save a bundle, and it's a healthy option.


Aquarius, the arrival of a new boss has generated a lot of uncertainty. You were used to a work dynamic you liked, and you're afraid it'll change. You wonder how it will be from now on.

Turn that thought around and get ready for the new era. Newness is always scary, but it doesn't have to be bad.


You'll meet an individual who'll give you good vibes. Aquarius, you'll feel comfortable with them and will want to include them in your group of friends. As always, your intuition won't let you down.


Aquarius, day-to-day obligations leave you little time for housework. Today could be the ideal day for you to do some deep cleaning. Remove furniture, wash curtains, and tidy drawers… You'll become the enemy of dust and bacteria. Prevention is part of taking care of our health. It'll also give you greater peace of mind and well-being.