Aquarius Horoscope Friday 2020

Memories won't let you live in the present - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, August 28, 2020

You'll encounter trouble at work, and if you don't change your attitude, this will also impact your health


Today your mind will be in turmoil, Aquarius, you reminisce too much of a past love that gave you a lot and that you didn’t appreciate at the time. Try to be more coherent with your actions, and invest on what is really worthwhile, otherwise you’ll suffer a lot.

Regarding your sexual relations, you’ll struggle to keep a normal level of activity as your actions are not in line with your words. When you can handle the situation and clarify your feelings this will change, and you’ll go back to normal, with a healthy libido.

If you’re single, you must heal your wounds before you can start looking for a new relationship. It’s time to take the risk of talking to an old love, just to clarify things and to turn over a new leaf.

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According to the stars, at work some complications might arise which can make you blow your lid. Try to control your temper and avoid saying the first thing that pops into your mind, because you might accidentally hurt someone’s feelings.

Plus, you can rest easy because your financial and economic matters have a very good aspect throughout this week, you might even get some extra money, but don’t spend it, you might need it further down the line.

At work, if you’re self-employed, although the situation is quite good, there might still be some last-minute complications.

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When it comes to your health, Aquarius, there are opportunities which you’ll have to seize to improve your life. Your life will be clever, putting you in front of different tests to get you to place where you were destined to be.

Although these will be many, you’ll always find the way to pick the one that is best for you, if you’re a skilful person. Don’t get carried away by your desire to beat others by imposing your way.

There will always be things out of your control, things you can’t keep up with, and you’ll be the one who will have to set boundaries, even for your own ego.