Aquarius Saturday on a night sky background

You'll be under a lot of pressure at work - Aquarius Horoscope for Saturday, March 27, 2021

It will be an almost decisive day for Aquarius at work, you'll need to take a clear position


Today will be a quiet day for Aquarius, when it comes to their love life. The presence of Eros in the house VII speaks of enjoying with your partner and strengthening your bond through romantic activities.

Feeling that you’re in a safe environment where you can relax as much as you like will contribute to helping you open up to your partner and share your deepest thoughts.

If you’re single, your charm will reach everyone. Make the most of this opportunity to seduce, but avoid believing that everything revolves around you, or your ego will become too inflated. Plus, Mars gives you a strong desire to get what you want. However, be careful, you might disappoint or even scare the other person off a little.

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On a professional level, Aquarius will feel some pressure as, those who don’t feel comfortable in their jobs have a golden opportunity to leave that job that makes them so unhappy.

Today you’ll be able to evaluate other options without any risk of making a mistake. On the contrary, those who are comfortable must talk to their supervisors as they have been working hard for a long time without seeing any kind of reward.

It’s time to act and leave your fears and insecurities behind, demand what’s rightfully yours and value your efforts.


When it comes to the health of Aquarius, they’ll be very aware of some physical discomfort that has recently cropped up. You might struggle to get rid of it.

However, you’re determined to improve the quality of your health and, for this reason, you won’t hesitate to do everything in your power.

On the other hand, on an emotional level today you’ll feel very hopeful and positive, something you’ll need to reach new personal wellbeing goals.

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