Aquarius Saturday on a night sky background

Favourable moment for love - Aquarius Horoscope for Saturday, February 27, 2021

Your social attractive will make it easier for you to start new relationships and consolidate existing ones


Aquarius will enjoy a favourable period for their relationship, although things won’t be exactly flowing at home due to the arrival or Uranus to House IV of your sign.

On the other hand, the planet of Eros will go from House VI to House VII of Aquarius, which translates into a desire to please your partner, without forgetting your own pleasure and enjoyment.

This transit will give you great social attraction, which, added to the presence of Jupiter and Ceres in your House XI can make you the life of the party, or earn you the admiration of friends and colleagues.

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On a professional level, today will be a rather unstable and changing day.  You’ll only escape this if your job involves a lot of creativity and imagination. Fortunately, you’ll be very creative today.

If you’re a fashion or graphic designer, cartoonist, painter or illustrator, you’ll be a bottomless pool of ideas, and others will appreciate your work.

On the other hand, some projects recently designed or launched will be put into place and you’ll have the means to make them come to fruition, despite certain delays or obstacles which will slow down the launch.


In your health you’re making the most of past lessons, to manage what you want to put into place in your life.  If physical discomfort forces you to wait, then you shouldn't give up.

That aside, you’ll need to quit drinking caffeine and eating fast food, as these things alter your good mood and will interfere with the nervousness you’ve been feeling lately.

That aside, today won’t be a particularly negative day for the health of Aquarius, who will have plenty of energy and will be in a good mood.

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