The sign of Aquarius with a purple starred background

There are communication problems - Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, December 27, 2020

Your lack of communication or slip ups when expressing yourself will cause problems with others


Aquarius, your love prediction says your partner needs more love today, but they won’t dare tell you because they’ll be afraid of seeming too demanding. Likewise, there are communication problems which won’t be fixed because of your own pushiness.

Sex relations won’t be very satisfactory as you’ll have a certain level of apathy towards sex. If you want to salvage the situation, try to focus on healing your repressed feelings.

If you're single, you’ll be looking to meet someone and you’ll have people to talk to, with whom you’ll try to build something. Your mistake will be to become desperate and getting into a relationship with the first person you bump into, without thinking of the consequences.

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On a professional level, you’ll do your tasks well and you’ll receive recognition for it, but you’ll still have to wait to choose the position you applied for. People see you as a good rival, especially the person who has chosen to leave that position.

On a financial level, you still won’t get that money you’re owed. It might be lost money, in fact, due to bureaucratic complications.

Although you might also lose allies due to certain attitudes which are perceived as negative. Don't try to fix it because if you do, they’ll distrust you.


When it comes to your health, your ego might be very inflated still, and this will cause more than one problem. You’ll meet new people who won’t beat around the bush and will tell you how cold and calculating you are when you feel vulnerable.

Therefore, it’s time to heal and make others see that you care about your insides and that you’ve made a balance of your life.

Firstly, you’ll need to sort out your feelings to change the situation. Afterwards, you should get rid of old clothes and of items gifted to you by those who love you.

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