Aquarius Horoscope Thursday 2020

Good romantic prospects - Aquarius Horoscope for Thursday, August 27, 2020

Both on a professional and on a financial level, everything will move very slowly, a lot slower than you'd like or can cope with.


Aquarius, your love life’s prediction for today reveals that your day will be perfect after the reconciliation which will take place, or which has recently taken place.  Although true harmony will undoubtedly arrive during his last week of the month.

Your family will be calm, united and happy. You won’t have to worry about them. Each one has their own plans and you’ll be left home alone. You’ll be able to enjoy your house and take care of your matters.

If you're single, you might fall madly in love and start a serious relationship, or perhaps not so serious. The matter of the fact is that you’ll be open and willing to feel and experience love.

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At work you’ll be lethargic.  You’ll feel like things aren’t moving forward, ideas aren’t flowing, projects can’t seem to find good port, and you’ll feel powerless.

You hope things would change, become more active, that your ideas would gain momentum. You need to feel like you're being listened and are respected again.

Your finances won’t be great. You’ll have to work overtime to make it to the end of the month. You should create a rainy day find so you can live in peace, with a feeling that everything is under control, at least in this area of your life.

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In terms of your health, today won’t be great and you’ll need rest, good sleep, massages and some exercise. Precisely because you don’t feel well, now it’s time to get active.

It’s a good moment to tone your body and take vitamins to help you feel more energized. As well as to do a detox of your body.

Study the available options to do a metabolic reset. Have you heard of intermittent fasting? Perhaps you should try to eat more fresh fruit and less processed foods.