Aquarius Horoscope Saturday 2020

Few satisfactions in your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Saturday, September 26, 2020

You'll feel stuck in your professional life, so you'll have to take action, which you'll also have to do for your health


Today’s romantic predictions for Aquarius reveals that Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Scorpio aren’t great promoters of a serene, peaceful and satisfactory love life.

On the contrary, given the astrological positions there’s a risk that things will get worse in your love life. It’s better not to do anything, just wait without expecting too much from a relationship where fights can be abundant right now.

Very few encounters are expected, and very little news for those who are thinking of renewing their love lives. In fact, being understood and making others understand you isn’t easy, nor is showing what’s inside your heart.

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On a professional level, having the planet of ideas, professional projects and therefore, money, in quadrature with Scorpio, means you’ll be trapped in your work position.

This translates into not being able to achieve that which you've been fighting towards for a long time. But it must be said that this is starting to be felt on an internal level and you might be planning something new.

If you want to change jobs, or change within your company, don’t waste time and resources, just do it, act, don’t underestimate the serendipitous encounters which take place.

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In terms of your health, you’ll feel the positive influence of Jupiter, don’t underestimate the signs from destiny and which are putting something incredibly beautiful and favourable on your path.

During this time, you also strengthen your body thanks to the super energies from Mars, which allow you to be particularly bold in your sports activities.

It would be good, during this period, to start a hobby and to also spend time looking after your home and pets, if you have any.