Aquarius Sign in gold on a starry black background and the word Aquarius in white letters

Your Aquarius Horoscope for November 26th

Your Aquarius prediction for Saturday, November 26th, 2022

Aquarius, although you're going to be very lucky in some areas, such as love and money, there are problems in the other aspects of your destiny.


Aquarius, beware of the color of temptation: red. Someone surrounded by this color and the energy it brings will have plans to proposition you and seduce you.

It'll be difficult to say no, but you have to be strong. They're not the one for you. Married people with this sign will see this temptation coming.

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Your Aquarius Horoscope predicts a surprise bonanza is in store for you today. Suddenly, you'll have a considerable amount of money in front of you. However, you shouldn't be under any illusions. The stars indicate that this money isn't yours.

In reality, you'll be responsible for managing it on behalf of many other people who trust you.

The problem is that things don't look promising and this responsibility could affect you.


Aquarius, you need to watch your back today. It's not only your horoscope that senses it, someone will even come to tell you that they're plotting against you. You won't believe it, but they'll try to stab you in the back, and what you've built up will be left in the wind.

Even your friends will be helpless and unable to help you get back on your feet. Maybe you should look for a less stressful job?


Your Aquarius Horoscope says you'll learn to distinguish who your true friends are. They won't be the smartest or the prettiest, but they'll put all their energies into helping you when you're in trouble.


Aquarius, you should be very careful where you walk. Avoid dark places and sharp objects, you could suffer an accident related to something pointy.

In these cases, it's always advisable to use ointments to protect your skin. And if you notice an infection, don't forget that the best solution is to go to the doctor and ask for antibiotics. 
In any case, always listen to your doctor's professional opinion.