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You have greater stability - Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, March 26, 2021

Both at work and in your personal life, it looks like stability has come to stay


It seems that Uranus has been exposing you to family problems recently. For this reason, today you’ll ask yourself what steps you can take to solve these problems.

But don’t worry, because Mars is there to help you stir the argument in your favour. Plus, the sun invites you to focus on your family’s future. It’s up to you to face the events and choose between what you must preserve, save or radically change.

When it comes to love in your relationship, both those who are single and those who are in a relationship have a chance to improve the quality of their romantic encounters.

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On a professional level, you have recovered your stability at work and you’re calmer. However, you must make some changes, put a new perspective into practice and think well about the strategy you’ll follow.

What’s clear is that we’re going through a moment of transformations on all levels, so it’s better if you adapt to your new role and do things differently.

Those who are self-employed will know better than anyone that they need to renew themselves, to keep reinventing themselves, if they want to stay in the market.


In the area of your health, you feel you should look after your body better by working out. Surely by using your imagination you’ll be able to break out of the routine and exercise in a way that’s more fun.

You’ll also have to be extremely careful with your bones, a calcium deficiency might be taking its toll.  Another aspect that Aquarius will need to be careful with is their digestive system: tension will be to blame.

The best thing to sort out these aches, aside from consulting a specialist, will be to get together with friends and plan activities outdoors, it will help you relax and forget about your day at work.

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