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Your Aquarius Horoscope for December 26th

Your Aquarius prediction for Monday, December 26th, 2022

Aquarius, you could write a self-help book with your emotional intelligence. The Daily Horoscope encourages you to communicate with yourself and trust your instincts.


Aquarius, you need to show your partner that you are their unconditional support. It's usually them who encourage you, but this time you'll have to swap roles.

You might not be at your best either and will have to make an effort. Your empathy will make it easier. Today for you, tomorrow for me, that's your motto.

Before looking for a partner, you should forgive your past mistakes. If you don't turn the page, it's impossible for you to know how the next chapter begins.

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It's lucky you have the foresight and have increased the amount in your bank account. Your Aquarius sign seems to have a whiff of hard times ahead. Thanks to your efforts, you won't have to worry about those high bills you'll receive.

If you're an investor, don't be careless. Show that you're reliable when it comes to finances. It's important that you project a good image.


You find it hard to concentrate on your work. Aquarius, your thoughts go at the speed of light. The more you obsess about slowing them down, the less productive you'll be.

Accept that they are there and turn the volume down. Pay attention to the indications of your superiors and ask for help from your colleagues if you need it. If you're not at your best, that's OK.


When you need it most, your loved ones are up to the task. This is a delicate moment for you, and they'll give you the warmth you need to bear it with strength. You're very lucky.


That upset stomach is pent-up anger.

If you think someone is belittling you, put them in their place. You have the communication skills to do it with respect.

If you ignore the signals your body is sending you, they'll get worse. Make yourself the top priority today.