Aquarius Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Renovation in your love life - Aquarius Horoscope for Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Everything will go well at work, this, together with your good luck in love will give your health the boost it needs, in the best of senses


It’s a very good time for love. You’ll have Venus’s help to open your heart, seek joy within you and enjoy move loving moments. This way you’ll fix any problems you might be having.

It will also give you many opportunities to have a new person come into your life and for you to fall in love with them.  Kindness and harmony will be on your side to engage with new social circles.

Plus, it’s a good time to have a baby or to improve your relationship with your children if you already have them. The sun will be activating the area of stable relationships. With it’s light you’ll be able to sooth conflicts and thus contribut to a more fluid and harmonious emotional flow.

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At work, Aquarius, with the influence you’ll receive from Mars, you’ll be totally stimulated to energize the things that were stagnant over the past few months. You’ll feel confident and optimistic. Plus, your energies will be so renovated that you won’t take a single step back in your projects.

This energy current  is joined by the sun which benefits you professionally.  You’ll enjoy performing your duties and you might even receive an acknowledgement for your efforts during these hard times which are slowly going back to normal.

If you're unemployed, today it will be easier to find a job. Plus, you could do a simple and quick ritual to get a job, as Mercury will start its straight path and all this energy will flow more.

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In terms of your health, the Sun will be going through the house of health in your horoscope. This will generate a good predisposition to improve your diet, start an exercise plan and improve your relationship with your body.

To this end, practising yoga will also help you balance your chakras, even if you don’t believe in this, your body’s subtle energies are the basis of good physical and emotional balance.

In this sense, it’s important that you take care of your emotional states, as you’ll be sensitive to other people’s reactions.