Aquarius Horoscope Sunday 2020

You won't feel comfortable in your own skin - Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, October 25, 2020

In order to avoid unnecessary risks in your professional life, it's best to be very prudent, this is a rough patch


The situation in your love life will be more hectic than usual, and people from your emotional life will resurface, Aquarius, who will demand explanations for things that happened a very long time ago.

Be careful, as this could negatively impact your relationship with your current partner. Make your posture very clear, not just towards others, but above all towards yourself.

In your social life, however, the stars will make you feel seen and respected by your friends and relatives, with whom you’ll enjoy moments of great understanding and fun.

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At work, Mercury will be retrograde in the 8th house of Aria, due to which your family investments and businesses with associates, will be subjected to review.

This transit is particularly favourable to verify the state of credit, loans, debts, net capital and insurances. If you must carry out last-minute financial transactions, pay attention to the details.

However, the fact that the sun has recently entered the 8th house of Aries, suggests that Aquarius will identify the necessary strategies to push their joint financial goals, however, they’ll have to wait for the right time to act without rushing into things.

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In your health, it’s a moment that favours balance in your personal goals, practicing forgiveness -towards yourself- and a bond with the emotional world, as well as the process of self-acceptance.

In this sense, the passage of Venus through the 6th house of Aries will boost your self-care activities, the pursuit of wellbeing, and the enjoyment of daily routines.

Venus in the 6th house promotes your inner peace, through the resolution of work and domestic conflicts, and the organization of pending tasks, and personal space.

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